Chewie Facts Alternative Logo

Hi Chewie Fans, I created a new logo.
It will be the alternative logo to the blog.
Here it is:

Chewie Fact No. 10

The reason the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in three parsects was because Chewbacca took a wiz in the fuel tank.

Chewie Fact No. 9

Chewbacca is so tough that when Rebel accidentally stepped on his foot he stared at him with such intesity his faced melted in the pure awesomeness.

Chewie Fact No. 8

Chewbacca is so tough that he can brake Stormtrooper’s neck with one blow.

Chewie Fact No. 7

Never call Chewbacca a “walking carpet”. Or he’ll rip your arms off.

Chewie Fact No. 6

Chewbacca breaks lightsabers over his leg and then drinks the cheap, neon fluid inside.

Chewie Fact No. 5

Chewbacca is so tough that he makes Jabba’s Rancor look like an Ewok.

Chewie Fact No. 4

Chewbacca is so tough that he could rip an X-Wing Fighter in half with his bare hands.

Chewie Fact No. 3


Chewbacca doesn’t tolerate friendly fire. When a rebel accidently shot him, he unleashed a Wookiee roar so powerful, that the man was reduced to a quivering pulp of weakness.

Chewie Fact No. 2

Chewbacca is so tough that when he lost a board game, he ripped the winner’s arms out of their sockets.

Chewie Fact No. 1

Chewbacca stared Darth Vader in the face and he backed down.