Chewie Fact Number 48

energy drink

Koolaid Man hides under his bed every day because he found out Chewbacca had an energy drink coming out in stores.

Chewbacca Fact Number 47

Chewbacca’s nickname “Chewie” came from how he used to describe what an 18-wheeler tasted like after he ate it. Han Solo had to find a new ride after that…….

Chewie Fact No. 46

Cha-Ka once challenged Chewbacca in an who is the best hairy sci-fi creature contest. Chewbacca beat Cha-Ka so badly, that he broke the space time continuim, sending Cha-Ka into an alternative universe, where he gets kicked in the face repeatedly all day long.

Chewie Factoid Numbah 45

The power of Chuck Norris’ beard looks like a girl scout compared to the might of Chewbacca’s mystical fur.