Chewbacca Biography

Name:Chewbacca Baccason

Occupation:Starship Pilot and Professional Killing Machine

Age:Like 200 years old, which means he is in his prime

Height:Really freaking huge. Actually about 8 feet

Favorite Band: RUSH

Favorite Movie:Star Wars (duh)

Eye Color: Bluer than the sky

Best Friends:Spiderman, Randy Jackson from American Idol, other awesome characters

Worst Enemies:Chuck Norris AND Mr. T, Doc Ock, Simon Cowell from American Idol, Chaka from Land of the Lost, Evil Empire, Darth Vader,other assorted people who think they are cool but arent.

People Chewie Hangs out With Just To Make Them Look Stupid:Han Solo

Preferred Mode of Transportation:The Van From Dumb and Dumber

Accepted Nicknames:Chewie

un-accepted nicknames:Walking Carpet, Fuzzball, Chooey, Chewy, Chuwee, ect.

 Kills:∞ (infinity)

Awesomness Level: Can’t even be put into words, that’s how awesome

Enjoys:Long Walks on the beach, Killing people, Playing soccer, flying spaceships, flying, the Filet o Fish Mcdonalds commercial, just being generally awesome

Does not enjoy:Chinese food, people who think he is not awesome, evil empires

Favorite Moment:Being a guest judge on American Idol and hanging with Randy Jackson, Destroying the universe, kicking people in the face


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