Chewie Fact 135

Chewbacca plays dodgeball with 12 kiloton concrete balls, and then uses them as meatballs in his spaghetti.

Chewbacca joke 134

Chewie fought the law and the law won. Seconds after being arrested, Chewie beat one of the police officers to a quivering pulp with another police officer.

Chewie Fact 133

Chewbacca is awesome beyond comprhension, and more than you could ever aspire to be.

Chewbacca Fact 132


Seconds after this photo was taken Chewbacca sprang intoaction and literally ate this man alive, after ripping him in half of course. Don’t mess with Chewie.










chewie fact 131

Chewbacca has enough fur to supply every person on the planet with 54 fur coats, and even then he’d still have afull coat for himself left over.

Chewbacca Joke 130!

Chewbacca was once a guest judge on American Idol. He still hangs out with Randy Jackson on weekends.

Chewbacca Joke 129

Chewbacca’s fearsome Wookiee growl once destroyed a small town in the Nevada dessert. The US government attempted to cover the event up by stating that there was nuclear testing going on.  Many other apparent “nuclear” incidents have actually been Chewbacca cover ups.