Chewbacca nugget #19

In 1998, Chewbacca sued a confectionery company for usage of the name “Chewie” on a make of chewing gum. The case lasted three years, the result of which was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Chewbacca Fact No. 18

Before the Emporer shoots lighting, he has to notify Chewbacca becuase he likes to watch people who are in pain.

Chewbacca Fact Number 17

Chewbacca does not need a star ship to attack an enemy fighter. He simply propels himself using the sheer power of his Wookiee roar and punches through the shields of the enemy ship with his bare hands.

Chewie Fun Fact Number Sixteen

Chewie’s favourite band is the Animals and his preferred method of transport is the van from Dumb and Dumber (pictured above).

Chewie Fact No. 15

Chewbacca’s bow caster is actually his modified hair groomer, which is why it sometimes fires poisonous hair balls.

Chewbacca fact No. 14

Chewbacca is the mutant offspring of a mop and Cousin It from the Addams Family. He has a picture of them in his bedroom, where he also has a poster of Bigfoot.

Chewie Fact No. 13

If the power of one Chewbacca Wookiee howl was harnessed, it could power the planet Courscant for 46 minutes.