Chewbacca Fact #140

Chewbacca was the subject of an animated rockumentary composed by the band Supernova. In it, he battles Hitler, saves Betty Rubble and, erm, uses the toilet.

Chewie: whatta Wookie.

Chewie Fact #101


Chewbacca was briefly transformed into a human so he could appear in the movie Highlander.

Chewie fact #96

Chewbacca cake

Chewbacca is actually made of sponge, marzipan and jam, and is so very very tasty. Much tastier, in fact, than a stormtrooper coated in butter.

Chewie Fact #76

Chewbacca cake

Chewbacca’s head is actually edible and considered a delicacy in certain Asian and Central American countries. Some say that one munch on the hallowed fur can lead to a level of strength humankind cannot quantify.

Chewbacca fact #58

Darth Cardboard

Chewbacca is so incredibly awesome that he could overpower any of the other cardboard cutouts in the comic book shop within seconds, and be moving on to the collection of Spiderman collectables before you can say “Holy Jeebs!”

Chewie Fact 56

When alone in the Millenium Falcon’s cockpit, Chewie likes to get groovy.

Chewbacca Fact 52

Chewbacca is secretly a multimillion dollar rock star.