Chewbacca 127

Chewbacca doesn’t cook. He simply points at his table and a five star gourmet meal appears out of thin air.

Chewie Fact 126

When not fighting the Evil Empire or hanging out with Spiderman, Chewie satisfies his  need for attention by performing as a Wookiee cannonball in an intergalactic circus. This may sound pathetic, but all that hair causes a lot of drag, so you can tell he’s really booking it. Plus he’s still wearing his bandoleer in case he needs to kill something in middle of flying through the air. That’s pretty impressive if you think about it.

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Chewie Fact 125

Chewbacca taught Lance Armstrong how to ride the bike.

Chewbacca Joke 124

Chuck Norris counted to infinty, twice. Not to be outdone, Chewbacca counted to infinty, infinty times.

Chewbacca joke 123

Chewbacca can have his cake and eat it too. If you even think about trying to stop him from doing this he will eat you. Seriously.

Chewbacca Joke 122

Chewbacca is a better dancer than Michael Jackson. Times 10.

Chewie Fact 121

The movie Jurassic Park was based on the events that transpired when Chewbacca made some dinosaurs out of thin air and released them into a shopping mall.