Chewie Fact No. 34

Chewbacca and his soccer team, The Fuzzballs (pictured above), have won the World Cup 24 consecutive times in a row. They accomplished this by relying on Chewie’s Wookiee-roar, which allowed The Fuzzballs to kick the ball in the net, while the other team lay on the ground, stunned by the piercing growl.

Chewie Fact No. 33

Ewoks are just leftovers from when Chewbacca shaves his fur.

Chewie Fact No. 32

Chewbacca ran for US president ’08. He decided to stop his campaign on the basis of “I have better places to enslave, like the entire Galaxy!”. Several weeks later, Chewie was forcing people to vote for him for Galactic President on the basis of “Vote for me or I will rip your limbs off!”.

Chewie Fact #31

Chewbacca was a pitcher for the New York Yankees in a previous life. Often the batter would purposely strike out just to be further away from Chewie’s piercing growl.

Chewie Fact No. 30

Every time Chewbacca pwns some one, comic book style phrases just appear out of nowhere in fear that if they don’t Chewie will pwn them too.

Chewie Fact Number 29

Chewbacca makes extra money by endorsing The Kashyyyk Times. Chewbacca stamped the paper’s logo onto his foot, so that when he stomps on his victims’ faces the last thing they see is “The Kashyyyk Times”.

Chewie Fact Number 28

Lando Calrissian once forgot to pay Chewbacca back his money. Now Lando drinks threw a metal straw in his nose.