Chewbacca Fact 54

Chewbacca can transform his body into virtually any shape on Earth. In this video he is seen as a nightstand.

Chewbacca Fact Number #53

Chewbacca is actually good friends with Spiderman. They like to have a cup of joe on good mornings.

Chewbacca Fact 52

Chewbacca is secretly a multimillion dollar rock star.

Chewie Fact 51

Chewbacca has the guitar skills of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimmy Page combined. His guitar riffs were burned to a CD, which was used as the key ingredient in the atomic bomb.

Chewbacca Fact 50!

Under neath Chewbacca’s fur coat is a layer of armor made from a combination of steel and ivory, indestructable cell phones, spider silk, and 17 Chinese phone books.

Chewbacca Factoid 49

If you cut open Chewbacca’s body you would find that he is actualy a combination of atomic warheads, monster trucks, ninja swords, and brain eating zombies.